The world of the future has changed. Technology has advanced and emotion has decayed. To keep the peace the Order, the unified government of the world, has been formed and given totalitarian rule. All machines are powered by the two great energies: Fire & Electricity. These energies are kept under tight restriction by the Order and the people live under oppressive rule.

Nature exists outside in the countryside, where there is a distinct divide between a industry full of technology and a countryside full of wild freedom. People in the industrialized cities have sought ways to advance people and animals, but to do this they need subjects to experiment on. Orion and Artemis live in the countryside, choosing to be free and far from the restrictions and oppression of the Order. Many years ago they were once scientists and technicians that helped develop and harness the powers in which the new society thrives.

The Order wants to keep the peace the way it knows how: contorl. One day, they ransack the countryside home of Orion and capture Artemis. He was able to escape and promises to find her and make those responsible pay. Little did the Order know that since Orion was responsible for developing the powers of Fire and Electricity that he would be prepared for the day they came for him. Over the years he had developed a pack enabling him to harness his inner energies to his advantage as well as a disguise to allow him to pass by as one of the Order and protect him from the pollution blanketing the world. Orion is ready, and so begins his run to save her, Artemis, and free those oppressed by the technology he helped develop.